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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Configure PostgreSQL With pgAdmin III In Windows

pgAdmin On Windows
pgAdmin On Windows
How to install postgresSQL in windows, and install pgAdmin III in windows.
PostgresSQL is an Open Source Database System. The Postgres developers are developing for more than 15 years, that earned Postgres to be strong database. It works on most of all Operating Systems. It supports foreign keys, triggers, views and stored procedures.

How to configure Postgres in Windows ?

Requirements : 

Installing PostgresSQL First :

# Step 1 :

Double click the downloaded PostgresSQL Win32 file, and Click "next" in the windows installer.

# Step 2 :

There you can see to select the folder. Default location will be in "c:/program files/PostgreSQL/". Never need to change the default directory. Or else you can change it and point to the Folder You wanted.

Setup Directory For Postgres
Setup Directory For Postgres

On the next step it will ask for the "Data" directory. and click next.

# Step 3 :

Next it will ask for the "Database - Passwords". The new password will be your Database Password. You have to remember this password for the future reference.

Give my favorite Password : root 

Password For Database
Password For Database

# Step 4 :

Then just click Install. That's it you have installed PostgresSQL in your windows PC.

Now you want to install and Interface to work with SQL Queries.

So you need to download pgAdmin III

It is a ZIP file. You have to extract it and double click the pgadmin3.exe file. Please accept the terms and conditions and click next --> next --> install

You can now see pgAdmin3 successfully installed.

pgAdmin3 installed
pgAdmin3 installed on the computer

Now open pgAdmin III icon from the start menu.

pgAdmin 3
pgAdmin 3

There you can see Servers - PostgresSQL 9.2(localhost:5432) , Double click on that it will ask for Database Password that we have given in Step 3. Enter it and start writing your SQL Queries.

How to install PostgresSQL in Windows. How to install/Configure pgAdmin 3 in windows 7 , Windows

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